6 Live Polls for your Classroom to get Fun Interactive Engagement

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6 Live Polls for your Classroom to get Fun Interactive Engagement

Studies suggest students feel disengaged at school and their engagement levels decrease as they get older. 

"The survey, conducted by Gallup, found that only half of adolescents report feeling engaged in school, and a fifth are actively disengaged. About 10 percent of students are classified as both disengaged and discouraged. Engagement levels also show a consistent decrease as students get older, bottoming out in 11th grade."
- Ross Brenneman, Gallup Student Poll Finds Engagement in School Dropping by Grade Level, Education Week

If you teach middle school or high school students, this information may be discouraging. After all, no teacher wants to encounter disengaged, uninterested learners. Teaching adolescents and teens should provide an opportunity for deeper and more meaningful conversations. But clearly, achieving that isn't easy. 

Fortunately, there's a solution: You can use live polls for classrooms. These 6 ready-to-run live poll decks are made with pro-social and student-friendly poll questions. You can also change any of them however you like — update the poll questions themselves, the style, the images, and so much more — to make them the perfect and exact right fit for your class. These automatically-interactive decks are all free to play with up to 10 students.

1. Good Morning, Class

Most students have trouble getting excited to learn in the morning. Luckily, you can wake everyone up and get them primed to interact and engage with this fun poll. Whether it's Monday morning, the day after a holiday break, or simply a dreary weekday, liven up the mood with our ready-to-play live poll to warm up your classroom. 

This game has several types of built-in questions to keep your students' attention, including ratings, word clouds, and image sharing. The lighthearted prompts are designed to see how your students feel while increasing their energy levels, and it only take about 10 minutes to play. 

2. Group Check-In

Are you students preparing for a test? Or are they getting back from summer break? If so, it's essential to do a quick temperature check to see if your students are ready to learn. Find out what your students are thinking, feeling, and needing with this Group Check-In Game. 

This premade deck takes 10-15 minutes to play, and it comes with interactive features like user voting slides, word cloud slides, and image sharing slides. All the questions give your students a fun opportunity to explain what's on their minds, so you know how to approach your lessons. And your students can submit answers anonymously to maintain privacy while keeping you updated on what they need to succeed. 

3. Icebreaker Poll Questions

Sometimes, you need to break the ice, especially if it's a new semester or you have a few new faces. What better way to do that than with a fun, engaging icebreaker? Help your students get to know each other with an engaging, interactive icebreaker game. 

This premade, ready-to-play live poll for classrooms is a perfect way to create or deepen the connections amongst your students. Questions include things like "Which is the best Disney movie?" and "What's the best gift you've ever got?" With quirky prompts like these, your students will definitely have enough reasons to talk, laugh, and lighten up as they prepare to learn. 

4. Controversial Questions 

Have you tried getting your students to engage and interact only to come up short every time? If so, you might need a better conversation starter. Get your class ready to interact with premade controversial questions that are classroom-friendly and sure to get them talking!

This live poll game comes with 14 unique questions, some of which are "is a hot dog a sandwich?" and "does pineapple belong on pizza?" These types of questions will create lively debates that engage your students, build bonds, and increase their focus. Also, this ready-to-play poll game takes about 15 minutes, so it's a quick way to kickstart your lesson plan. 

5. Class Icebreaker

Before diving into your lesson, it's essential to get your students in a good mood. And the right icebreaker questions can make that happen. Build a welcoming and fun culture by starting your lesson plans with the Class Icebreaker Game. 

This live poll game takes about 5 minutes to play, so it's perfect if you need a quick way to warm up your students. The premade deck also contains several types of questions, including live word clouds and ratings. Additionally, this game comes with emojis, charts, and more to keep your students interested and engaged. 

6. Getting to Know Everyone 

Most teachers ask students to introduce themselves with their names and a fun fact. But if you want to do something unconventional that really engages your students, play an interactive poll game! Give your students a unique way to learn about each other by asking them fun, premade questions in this quirky, ready-to-play poll game. 

Since all the questions are different, students will have various ways to express themselves. This classroom poll includes text answer questions, word clouds, image sharing, ratings, user voting, and more. The prompts are uniquely designed to help students get to know each other and develop bonds and it only takes 5-10 minutes to play. 

How to Play these Live Poll Slide Decks

Think of using these live polls like you'd use a PowerPoint deck, but they're interactive and packed with fun features your students can participate and engage with, like live word clouds, live image sharing, quiz questions, multiple choice, and text answer options. You can  customize any of our slide decks to fit your lesson plans and all of our live polls for classrooms are accessible for in-person and online learning

All you have to do is pick a deck, launch an event (like launching a PPT presentation), and project or share your monitor or screen. Then, students can use their phones to easily join in to your deck and play along, submitting their poll question answers. It's that simple and you don't need any technical knowledge to play. All of our decks, and our player platform, are free to use for up to ten players, though there are paid plans if you'd like more students to join the fun. 

Now, without further ado...

Polls are Your Ticket to Increased Engagement

Live polls for classrooms provide an opportunity to do something different to enhance your students' learning experience. They're simple and quick and offer a fun, unique way to increase interaction and engagement, which is what your students need. So, create a Slides With Friends account to get your students eager to learn! Whether you use a premade deck or customize one, your students will surely have a great time.

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