24 Sales Team Building Activities for Great Motivation

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24 Sales Team Building Activities for Great Motivation

Looking to inject some energy and excitement into your sales team? We've handpicked 24 sales team-building activities to spark excitement and energize your team. 

From scavenger hunts to karaoke nights, we've got fun sales team-building to engage your team, boost creativity, solidify team connections, and increase motivation. 

Your Own Personalized Team Building Game  

Create your own interactive game with Slides with Friends for a truly unique and personalized team-building experience. Our versatile platform lets you design a custom activity that's just right for your team's vibes, goals, and interests. 

You can set up a digital treasure hunt, a trivia quiz about your team's culture, or a scenario-based challenge for strategic thinking. Slides gives you all the tools you need to make your vision a reality. This way, you're just encouraging creativity and ensuring everyone's fully engaged in a fun adventure designed especially for them.

Scavenger Hunt 

Why We Chose It: Scavenger hunts are fun and unite team members. They help with problem-solving and teamwork, even if people are in different places. They're great for remote teams to have fun and work better together.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: The more people tag along, the more fun this game will be. You can group people who don’t know each other well to allow them time to bond during this exercise. Try to develop company-specific quests for your team so they learn a few fun facts along the way. To further boost motivation, you can offer prizes for the most creative team or the first to finish the challenge.

Adventure Sports

Why We Chose It: Adventure sports take teams from the office to the great outdoors, improving mental and physical well-being and adaptability. Participating in thrilling activities like rock climbing, white-water rafting, or zip-lining presents unique challenges, offering a change of scenery and a much-needed break from the routine of daily sales tasks, whether your sales team works remotely or in the office.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Adventure sports are among the best sales team-building activities because they offer team members the excitement of exploration while fostering camaraderie and resilience. Tackling physical challenges in a supportive setting improves team spirit and trust, which are vital for a thriving sales team. The experience of overcoming fears and obstacles in these activities can also increase confidence and problem-solving abilities, directly benefiting sales performance.

Two Truths and a Lie

Why We Chose It: Two Truths and a Lie is a fun way to break the ice, encourage everyone to open up, and build a more united team vibe. It's all about improving communication, getting to know each other better, and strengthening those interpersonal connections.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Sharing personal truths and fun fibs is a great way to build trust and get to know each other. This activity reveals unique facts and stories that help team members connect more deeply.

Trade The Item

Why We Chose It: Trade the Item is one of the best sales team-building games. It sharpens persuasive skills as team members face the challenge of trading items with strangers.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Everyone gets to up their negotiation game and learn the power of teamwork in hitting shared targets. It mirrors the real deal in sales, where understanding what the other person needs and wants is the golden ticket to winning. Through this game, participants get better at thinking on their feet, crafting more compelling arguments, and working together more effectively.


Why We Chose It: Pictionary sparks creativity and quick wit. It's a fantastic way for team members to improve their visual sharing of ideas, which is very important when you need to pitch concepts and creative solutions to clients.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Pictionary pushes everyone to interpret and share ideas quickly, creating a lively atmosphere similar to the rapid decision-making needed in sales. This game strengthens teamwork and encourages thinking outside the box, making it an excellent tool for overcoming the hurdles of the sales world.

Company Jeopardy

Why We Chose It: Company Jeopardy is a fun and engaging way to bring teams closer together. It's all about exploring the company's values, culture, and achievements in an enjoyable and educational way.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Diving into Company Jeopardy lets team members get to know the heart and soul of their company. It's about building a sense of belonging and loyalty. Plus, it's a chance for friendly competition, encouraging everyone to chat, laugh, and learn together.

Award Ceremony

Why We Chose It: Award ceremonies are a way to shine a light on those standout achievements and give a big thumbs up to the whole team. It sends a clear message: your hard work matters and doesn't go unnoticed.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: There's something special about coming together to celebrate wins. It's a morale supercharger, pushing everyone to keep up the good work. It makes the team a place where everyone feels seen and valued for their hard work. This vibe of support and recognition encourages everyone to aim high, knowing their efforts will get the spotlight they deserve.

Escape Room

Why We Chose It: Escape rooms are all about teamwork and solving problems when the clock is ticking. They throw teams into exciting scenarios that demand everyone to think together, strategize, and act fast.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Taking on an escape room means getting better at working together smoothly and tackling obstacles head-on. These adventures require top-notch communication, smart task division, and sharp thinking—all of which are crucial for a winning sales team.

A sales team during a workshop.

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Building a Resilient Mindset Workshop

Why We Chose It: Let's face it, sales can be a rollercoaster with its highs and lows, from deals slipping through your fingers to getting the cold shoulder from clients. A resilient mindset workshop teaches teams how to gracefully handle rejection and stress, something all too common in the high-stakes sales world.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Imagine your team bouncing back from setbacks stronger and more motivated than ever. That's what learning resilience skills can do. This workshop keeps your team's productivity up, even when the pressure's on. It teaches them how to keep their spirits high and momentum going, even after a fall.

Trivia Time

Why We Chose It: Trivia Time is a game that involves learning together in a fun and competitive way, improving team communication in the process. It covers different topics, allowing everyone to chip in with what they know and learn something new. The thrill of competition spices things up, encouraging everyone to connect more with the activity and each other.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Trivia Time creates a vibe of teamwork and unity as everyone joins forces to tackle questions. This makes the team feel closer, breaks the ice, and makes communication flow easily.

Shark Tank

Why We Chose It: Shark Tank is a chance for teams to showcase their creative and strategic minds. It's all about channeling the spirit of the hit TV show, where dreams are pitched to those who can make them a reality.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Stepping into the shoes of entrepreneurs and investors, everyone gets to play with big ideas, figure out what the market truly needs, and polish those sales and negotiation skills until they shine. It's a team-building powerhouse that brings people together through creative collaboration, increasing confidence, and the ability to stand up and defend an idea. With a dash of competition to spice things up, teams are motivated to outdo themselves in creativity and strategic savvy—golden skills in the business world.

Murder Mystery

Why We Chose It: Murder Mystery gets creative and critical juices flowing as you and your team work to crack a made-up case. The plot twists keep everyone on their toes, making it a collective adventure to unravel the mystery.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Solving a Murder Mystery as a group is a powerhouse of problem-solving and teamwork. It's an exercise in listening, communicating clearly, and valuing different viewpoints to solve the problem. Plus, it knits the team closer, leaving everyone with a shared sense of achievement as you overcome the challenge.

Spy Master

Why We Chose It: Spy Master is a journey into the heart of detective work that improves analytical skills and teamwork. Imagine diving into a world filled with secrets and mysteries, where every piece of information is a clue waiting to be pieced together. This helps hone those critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are crucial to any challenge you face.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Imagine your team working together, decoding secrets, and making pivotal decisions—this is what Spy Master offers. It's a chance for everyone to dig into information, debate ideas, and craft solutions together. What makes it special is the way it mirrors the real-world challenges of sifting through data, discussing different viewpoints, and making choices that everyone stands behind.

Sandcastle Wars

Why We Chose It: Sandcastle Wars is a creative adventure that brings teams together. It's all about diving into some fun competition where everyone can brainstorm, plan, and bring amazing designs to life. What makes it stand out is how it mixes art and strategy, pulling everyone into an experience beyond the usual team building activities for sales team development.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Sandcastle Wars allows team members to show off what they're good at while learning the value of working together, sharing ideas, and making something awesome happen. As everyone plans and constructs together, they learn to blend different ideas, share responsibilities, and support each other toward a shared vision. The thrill of the competition keeps everyone engaged, helping teams bond and improving their teamwork skills for whatever comes next.

Group Bike Ride

Why We Chose It: Group bike rides are great for exercising. They also give your team the chance to see new places together. We chose this activity because it perfectly mixes staying active with strengthening team bonds outside the usual office space. 

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Biking as a team does more than get hearts pumping; it brings employees closer. Sharing this adventure means teammates must communicate, stick together, and look out for each other, building a sense of unity. This connection helps them work better together when they're back on the job.

Laser Tag

Why We Chose It: Laser tag offers a fun environment for strategic team competition. The fast-paced nature of the game simulates a dynamic workplace where quick decision-making and strategy are crucial.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Team members can develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills while enjoying an exciting game. Since success in laser tag depends on communication, coordination, and the ability to make swift collective decisions, participants inadvertently strengthen these essential skills. This encourages individuals to trust their teammates' capabilities, fosters leadership qualities among team members and improves the group's problem-solving strategies.

Egg Drop Challenge

Why We Chose It: The Egg Drop Challenge is a great way to spark innovation and teamwork. Imagine the excitement as teams race to create a device to keep an egg safe from a high fall.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: There's something special about working together to tackle a hands-on engineering puzzle. The Egg Drop Challenge lets team members flex their creative muscles and collaborate in fresh, dynamic ways. As teams brainstorm, build, test, and tweak their inventions, they're building essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.

Cooking Class

Why We Chose It: There's something special about cooking together that just brings people closer. It's about building teamwork in the most delicious way possible. The kitchen becomes a stage where everyone gets to communicate, collaborate, and navigate through cooking challenges hand in hand. We picked this activity because it's fantastic at pulling individuals into a tight-knit group, where they learn to share tasks, manage time like pros, and aim for that tasty common goal—a scrumptious meal.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Picture this: team members chopping, stirring, and tasting, all while sharing laughs and learning together. Cooking as a group is fun, but it's also a masterclass in communication. Everyone has to pitch in, splitting up duties and making quick pivots when things don't go as planned. It boosts morale sky-high and builds a stronger, happier team.

Improv Class

Why We Chose It: Improv classes are a game changer. They gently nudge teams out of their comfort zones, supercharging adaptability and interpersonal skills. We believe it's a fantastic chance for team members to get better at thinking quickly and becoming more okay with uncertainty, much like what they face in the ever-changing business world.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Diving into improv exercises, your team's communication and creativity will soar in a truly supportive setting. Improv is all about listening intently and responding in the moment, which builds a culture of careful attention and strong support. It’s a great way to break the ice, forge a closer, more open team dynamic, and ignite innovative solutions to work challenges. Plus, the inclusive, judgment-free vibe of an improv class builds trust and team spirit, which are key for a team that clicks.

Karaoke Night

Why We Chose It: Karaoke is one of the best sales team building activities. Organizing karaoke nights allows you to uncover hidden talents and have a good laugh together. It's the perfect setup for team members to show off their vocal chops (or brave attempts) in a chill, supportive vibe.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Karaoke is a fantastic way for sales professionals to kick back, enjoy the vibe, and get to know each other outside of work. It breaks down professional barriers, encouraging everyone to connect on a human level, which, in turn, builds a stronger sense of togetherness and belonging. Whether cheering on a brilliant performance or a not-so-great duet, sharing these moments can lift team spirit, forge unforgettable memories, and lead to a more cohesive and empathetic work environment.

Virtual Reality Experience

Why We Chose It: Imagine diving into worlds where the only limit is your imagination, where you and your team can solve puzzles and overcome challenges without the distractions of the real world. That's the magic of virtual reality!

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Virtual reality is the ultimate team-building playground. It demands that team members work closely to crack puzzles, complete tasks, and navigate fantastical environments. It's a space where shouting ideas, strategizing out loud, and rallying together isn't just encouraged—it's necessary. And when you conquer those virtual challenges as a team? It creates a bond and a buzz that sticks with you, lifting team spirit and tightening bonds in the real world.

A winning team having fun.

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Amusement Park Outing

Why We Chose It: Heading to an amusement park is a fantastic way to bond with your team. It's a chance to leave the office behind and have fun in a different setting. With all sorts of rides and attractions, there's something for everyone, making everyone feel included and appreciated.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Enjoying roller coasters and other attractions can bring people closer, creating a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can unwind. It's a great way to let go of the formalities of the office, get to know each other on a personal level, and have a good time.

Museum Trip

Why We Chose It: Trips to the museum can be a great team building for sales teams! They open doors to new ideas and creativity by surrounding teammates with history, art, and innovation. It's a chance to escape the usual office vibe and enter a world that makes them think differently and grow together.

How Teams Can Benefit From This Activity: Imagine your sales team members wandering through exhibits, chatting about everything from ancient artifacts to modern art. This gives them a chance to spark deep conversations and fresh insights. Diving into different cultures and histories can sharpen their critical thinking and expand their view of the world.

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